Be subtle!be subtle!and use your spies for every kind ofwarfare.

                                       Sun Tzu: The Art of War

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January 2017

During WW1 British Military Intelligence and SIS recruited several hundred agents to work for them in occupied Belgium and France. These men and women collected information about German military strength and dispositions, information crucial to British army planning on the Western Front. But how was this hard won intelligence to be conveyed to British spy headquarters? 

Couriers were engaged to smuggle the intel across the border into neutral Holland, but a combination of effective German counter-espionage and the deadly electrified fence along the entire Belgian/Dutch border, led to periods when nothing was getting through. Alternatives had to be found.

One solution was the homing pigeon; agents could clip a brief message to the bird's tail or leg and, with unequalled speed, the message would arrive at Intelligence HQ. The problem was how to deliver the pigeons to the agents in place. Below is one of the more  imaginative devices invented.  Can you see how it worked?

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