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November 2018

INTERPOL to be hijacked by Russians

The news that Alexander Prokopchuk is likely to be voted in as the next president of Interpol should be ringing alarm bells. As yet no British response has been reported. But there needs to be one. Please read Red Notice by Bill Browder. The fact that Russia has today announced that they suspect Browder of poisoning Sergey Magnitsky is the clearest evidence yet of the truth of Russian state responsibility for the lawyer's death in custody. 

For God's sake stop this insanity!

Michael George 2016, 2017, 2018


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No More Secrets?

With all the focus recently upon inept agents of Russia's GRU, a very important backstory has been overlooked. 

Much of the detail and corroboration of the identities of the GRU agents has come from, an open source journalism organisation and website. 

October 2018



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