The following is a list of useful, interesting and/or quirky links to other websites. In no particular order.

They are all FREE!!

  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office Historians Publications. A number have an Intelligence theme. 
  • Stephen Stratford's informative site about WW1 Spies. 
  • Digitised German WW1/WW2 documents seized by the Russians in 1945. Several Abwehr and Gestapo items. 
  • Canadian Military History. Journals online and friendly search feature. Lots on Espionage etc 
  • Intelligence in the First World War. A roundup of sources published in 2014 in Intelligence and National Security. 
  • Paperless Archives. BACM Research - provides historical documents, primary source material, early secondary sources, and histories that allow access to historical and often once secret documents, recordings, photos, video and audio. 
  • National Archives of Australia. Records of Australia's security, intelligence and law enforcement. 
  • The World War I Document Archive. Lots of original material, and a useful section on Espionage. 
  • Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association. Although membership is by invitation only, NISA has a useful website with an invaluable links page. 
  • Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes. A wealth of material from the Cold War era. Well worth a browse.

  • Bureau of Military History 1913-1921. Sources including many originals from Irish Republic. 

  • The Spectator Archive. Search and read full magazine from 1828 to 2008. 


  • The Military Intelligence Museum at Chicksands in Bedfordshire is the repository of material generated by the British Army's Intelligence Corps. Click the image below to visit their website.

  • Central Intelligence Agency. Has an online museum as well as many other online documents released under the US Freedom of Information rules, which seem more liberal than in the UK.  Click on the logo below.


  •  Documents by and relating to CIA. has a collection of over 50,000 documents relating to CIA activities during WW2 and the Cold War. Some amazing stuff here!! Click the logo:  


  • US National Security Archive. A rich seam of information maintained by George Washington University. Click on logo


  • The Espionage History Archive, operated by American Mark Hackard, offers useful Cold War insights and material. Mark is a Russian speaker so he is able to translate many Russian, USSR and KGB items into English.