During ten years of research into the history of Secret Intelligence, a great deal of material has been amassed. Rather than leave it filed away, why not share it? Consisting mostly of PDF documents, several are in French, Flemish or Dutch. In listing them, I acknowledge and respect the copyright of the original authors/publishers, and ask that you do likewise. The first section below is devoted to books. Scroll below that to find a selection of Theses and articles.  



Whilst books on the history of Secret Intelligence are not abundant, they do exist. Below is the list that will make up the Bibliography in my book, An Unlikely Spy. Many of them are freely available online through digital book collections such as Hathi Trust or Archive.orgThe Online Books Page and others can be partially read via Google Books. 

I'm always glad to hear of any suggestions to add to the bookshelves...

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Articles and Theses

With the advent of the online publication of many academic theses, there is enough material to occupy the most ardent reader or student of Espionage. Our list does not claim to be exhaustive, but it will be the most comprehensive catalogue that can be found online!! Simply click on any title to be taken to the open source and download the PDF. 

Doctoral Theses:

'British intelligence and threats to national security, c.1941-1951'. CALDER WALTON Trinity College, Cambridge (September 2006)

Never To Be Disclosed: Government Secrecy in Britain 1945 - 1975 by Christopher R. Moran BA, MA. University of Warwick, Department of History September 2008.

MI9’s ESCAPE AND EVASION MAPPING PROGRAMME 1939 – 1945 B.A.BOND Plymouth University October 2014

Studies in British naval intelligence, 1880-1945. Wells, Anthony Roland King's College London