An Unlikely Spy

The remarkable account of the Life and death of major Cecil aylmer cameron

Part 3 The First World War. Britain's Deadly Peril

We have already seen that, before WW1, Britain was seized by an outbreak of Spy Mania, due partly to the crop of fictional books published during the late 19th and early 20th centuries that warned of infiltration of the country by hosts of German spies as a precursor to Invasion. 

There are several books and other sources which describe this period, and the myriad pressure that eventually led to the development of Britain's secret and security services (MI5 and MI6), The most detailed and useful source, to my mind, is the monumental PhD thesis, in two volumes, by Howard Moon of King's College, London. Click HERE to view and download.  

Was there any basis for these scares, or was it just profitable line for authors? Were there any German spies in Britain before and during WW1? If so, were they effective?

A chapter in 'An Unlikely Spy' is devoted to answering these questions but, rather than having to wait for the book to be published, you can read the entire chapter now by clicking the button below.